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Utilizing the GM-CGC’s Global Manufacturing Cyber Resilience Operational Guidance, the Center’s ¬†cyber experts will work with you and your organization to discuss your cyber resilience issues and challenges and evaluate operational resilience and cybersecurity capabilities.

Guidance goals enable development of an understanding of the organization’s operational resilience and the ability to manage cyber risks to critical services during normal operations and times of operational stress and crisis in ten domains:

Management (Assets, Controls, Configuration & Change Management, Incidents, Service Continuity, Risk, External Dependencies), Situational Awareness, Training and Awareness – All supported by Governance Policies and Procedures.

To schedule or request additional information, please email the GM-CGC at “operations@gmcgc.org”, or contact via phone (904-476-7858).

GM-ISAO Membership is comprised of Global Manufacturing owners and operators, academia, and government stakeholders.

To join the GM-ISAO, GM-ISAO Management will provide you with an Executive Level Briefing and provide you with the GM-ISAO Membership Agreement, followed by the GM-ISAO Membership Orientation Training to your organization.

Opportunities also exist to participate in a leadership “defining-voice” role on GM-ISAO Committees, Working Groups, and Project Initiatives.

Please contact GM-ISAO directly via email (membership@gmcgc.org) or via phone (904-476-7858).

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