GM-ISAO Info Sharing Infrastructure

The Global Manufacturing ISAO works in a collaborative partnership with the:

US Department of Homeland Security, leveraging a US DHS Cooperative Research & Development Agreement (CRADA)

The International Association of Certified ISAOs (IACI) – (GM-ISAO – Founding Member).

To enable and provide sustainable access to the benefits provided by a coordinated and collaborative Global Cyber Resilience EcoSystem, leveraging trusted public and private-sector resources, the International Association of Certified ISAOs (IACI), a non-profit organization, was formed, breaking down long-standing barriers and silos to advance Information Sharing & Coordinated Response – Worldwide ISAO Coordination (current and new), Global Threat Intelligence for Multi-Directional Information Sharing, Intelligence Sightings Technology, Secure Response Coordination, Communications and Control, Analytics.

IACI – Center of Gravity

IACI serves as the trusted “Center-of-Gravity” for the global community of ISAOs to advance cyber information sharing cooperations, collaboration and coordination within and across sectors, addressing interdependencies worldwide.

IACINET, the first Global ISAO Portal and Global Threat Intelligence Platform provides the infrastructure required for multi-directional information sharing and coordinated response for ISAOs and their Members.  IACINET is managed out of IACI’s headquarters at the Global Situational Awareness Center at NASA/Kennedy Space Center.  The networks and shared systems developed by IACI integrate the best in breed and the most flexible technologies to support trusted global cyber threat information sharing and cyber risk reduction.

Threat Intelligence Information Sharing Lifecycle – Illustrations

The following illustrations depict the flow of sharing cyber threat intelligence with the US Department of Homeland Security, into the International Association of Certified ISAOs for multi-directional information sharing with the Global Manufacturing ISAO, and other Sector ISAOs and ISACs.

The second illustration depicts the technology infrastructure for GM-ISAO Members to share threat intelligence within the manufacturing sector via a trusted infrastructure.

Collaboration & Coordination - US DHS, International Association of Certified ISAOs